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Rural Development

A westerner, historian professor Eamon Duffy described Anatolia as the world's greatest religious building; lofty mountains of east, calm beaches of south, rough climate of north and brilliant Istanbul… But, rural part of Turkey and small towns face difficult challenges in 21st Century;


                    "Poverty, Geographic isolation, infrastructure deficiencies, outward immigration of young population "depopulation", poor, aged and desperate communities, cultural and social conservatism"


Additionally less dynamic, traditional economies…


Any policies or programs that public authorities and policymakers initiate have to focus what is missing in many rural areas, which include:


  • Access to capital and finance mechanism;
  • Networks that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to share ideas and explore contracting opportunities;
  • Access to a highly skilled workforce or to worker training programs to meet the demands of an increasingly global economy;
  • Environments in which entrepreneurship is encouraged;
  • Market research capabilities that allow businesses to expand to new markets and for entrepreneurs to turn ideas into viable products.

We believe that the rural economic programs must build upon inherent strengths and dynamics of Rural Part of Turkey rather than copy-paste implementations which exacerbate the situation.


In Zobu Consulting, we design and develop unique economic development strategies beyond traditional strategy of industrial business attraction.


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