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A competent Chinese war master, Sun Tzu wrote "-In peace prepare for war, in war prepare for peace" in the fifty century BC. Being prepared means knowing both yourself and your opponent. If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or lose.  If you know neither yourself nor your opponent, you will always endanger yourself. With the help of Zobu Consulting's Management Consultancy Services, you will be able to know both yourself and your competitors and you can come out competition without damage. Read More»

Place-based implementations (i.e. Clusters) and Industrial Business Attraction Activities seem to be main tools of Today's Regional Development Strategies. Most of academicians and practitioners try to build the regions' development strategies on it with Copy-paste applications which exacerbate the situation. In Zobu Consulting, we design and develop unique economic development strategies for public bodies beyond traditional strategy of industrial business attraction. Read More»

Zobu Consulting offers a variety of engineering consultancy services tailored to fit the unique needs and requirements of each client. Practically, Zobu Consulting manages the complexity beyond managing a project. The consultancy services of the Company covers feasibility studies, cost estimation and scheduling, quality, material management, technical specification preparation, procurement and project management, risk and hazard analysis  in earthquake engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines. Read More»  

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