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Project Management

In Zobu Consulting, we use appropriate project management techniques to evaluate your organisation's abilities, resources and maturity level. Zobu Consulting's professionals have the combined knowledge, experience and expertise to guide the clients' projects from concept to completion.


Under the standard project management as AD™ method, Zobu Consulting acts as a thirdy-party manager of the process. This delivery method utilizes an open book approach, where project owner have access to all of our project documents. Project owners have the opportunity to be involved at each stage of project process from conception through closeout. Zobu Consulting acts as an extension of our client's staff, while offering access to and the support of our in-house experts.


Zobu Consulting's tasks as an project owner's representative can include but are not limited to, the following;


     "Feasibility reviews, Budgeting, Scheduling, Work Package Preparation, Procurement oversight, Work Package Evaluation, Supervision, Cost Control, Closeout, Commisioning"


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